Wall Hugger or Nightstand Buddy? Dos and Don’ts for Pico Remote Placement

Finding the right spot for your Pico Remote is like picking the perfect seat in a movie theater. You want it close enough to reach easily but also out of the way so it’s not in your popcorn! With the Pico Remote, controlling your Lutron lighting and shades becomes a breeze, whether from your cozy couch or comfy bed.

Keep It Handy, But Hidden

Your Pico Remote is a little helper that lets you adjust lights, shades, and audio without moving more than your thumb. Place it where it’s easy to reach, like on a coffee table or by your bedside. But remember, keep it out of sight to maintain the look of your room. A drawer or a decorative box can be a great hiding spot within easy reach. Additionally, consider using a small stand or holder that blends with your decor to keep the remote upright and ready.

Avoid the Bathroom Blunder

Having a Pico Remote handy when you’re soaking in the tub might be tempting, but bathrooms can be risky places for electronics. The moisture and occasional splashes could harm your remote. It’s better to keep it dry and safe! Instead, think about setting up voice commands for your Lutron system, allowing hands-free control that keeps your remote away from water hazards.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Like you, your Pico Remote doesn’t love sitting in the blazing sun or a freezing window during winter. Extreme temperatures can mess with its battery life and performance. Find a comfortable spot without too much direct sunlight or cold drafts. Placing it away from heating vents or air conditioners can also help preserve its optimal functioning.

A Buddy for Your Nightstand

What’s better than turning off the lights without getting out of bed? Not much! Placing your Pico Remote on the nightstand makes it your best bedtime buddy. With just a quick click, you can drift off to sleep without a care in the world. Also, placing it on the nightstand allows easy access if you need to adjust settings in the middle of the night without fumbling around in the dark.

The Car Option

Ever wish you could turn on your porch light before you even step out of your car? With a Pico Remote, you can! Just ensure it’s clipped to your car’s visor and not lost under the seats, so it’s handy when needed. It ensures that you can quickly adjust home settings as you pull into your driveway without delay.

Wall Mount? Yes, You Can!

If you’re tired of looking for the Pico Remote because it’s never where you thought you left it, wall mounting might be your answer. It turns your Pico into a “wall hugger,” always there on the wall when you need it. No more remote hunting! With a wall mount, you can ensure that the remote is always in the same place, making it easier for everyone in the home to find and use.

Long Live the Battery!

Did you know the Pico Remote is powered by a long-lasting battery? It is super handy because you won’t have to change it often. Enjoy the convenience without the fuss of frequent battery swaps. Plus, this long battery life means you can be confident your remote will be ready whenever you need it without worrying about sudden power losses.

Summing It Up

Your Pico Remote is more than just a gadget; it’s a part of your daily comfort with Lutron’s smart home solutions. Place it wisely to make the most out of its functionality without turning your home upside down. It’s all about making life simpler and your home smarter, one tap at a time.

With these simple tips, you can make the most of your Pico Remote and enjoy the ease and convenience it brings to your life. Whether adjusting the lighting for a movie night or pulling down the shades without leaving your bed, the Pico Remote puts your home’s comfort right in the palm of your hand. So, where will you place yours?

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